About Us
beadsZONE is the largest manufacturer and producer of ethnic & exotic beads accessories and jewellery in Penang, Malaysia. Our hand-made jewellery is designed with ancient notion and little contemporary sensation. We are able to design and custom made any accessories based on any culture and religions of all nations. Besides that, we are commit to produce quality products with unique design.

The name of beadsZONE set its debut into the market in year 2000, touching the millenium. The rationale for the establishment of this brand name is to enable the market to easily recognise and remember our handmade beads accessories regardless of the origin where our clintele are from.

As the largest manufacturer and producer of beads accessories in Malaysia, our hand-made accessories bear a covet eminence in the industry. Our ability to rapidly transform our product design to suit the robust competitions is crucial need of commitment towards satisfaction of nation on our product.

We believed and commit to:

• Producing quality and creative products
• Offering wide product range
• Providing fair pricing
• Providing best value accessories to customers
• Operating business with highest standards of veracity

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